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No Thanks to Spammers!

So I’ve set this site up to be a resource for all Girgis’ out there and I recommend all other webmasters out there to purchase their “lastname.something”, allowing non-developers to easily have a personal blog.

To keep things simple and remove my involvement, I set registration to be open —  when you’d go to, you could create your blog in seconds.  Thanks to spammers creating about… 280 accounts in a 15 minute period filled with spam and what not, I’ve decided it’s best to restrict it to only myself having the ability to create accounts.

I don’t mind doing it at all and I don’t charge anything for your blog.  No ads, nothing to worry about.  Feel free to send me a message at: with your request.

Sorry for this not being the easiest it could be :-/.  Dang spammers!


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